The NWA Center for Equality is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which leads a grassroots support and advocacy movement working to achieve full equality for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community in Northwest Arkansas. In addition to be recognized as Arkansas’ regional voice for equality and inclusion, the Center provides health testing, outreach and education, peer support, community events and other programming in Benton and Washington counties.


The Northwest Arkansas Center for Equality is a grassroots community and advocacy organization working to achieve full equality while creating an environment that embraces, promotes and supports the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally community of Northwest Arkansas.


We carry out our mission with limited staff and dedicated volunteer hours. selfless financial and in-kind contributions from individuals, grant programs, businesses and organizations. The Center previously relied on membership dues and ended that structure in 2014 to encourage involvement by everyone in the local LGBTQA community. Through generous donations we’re able to annually provide over 5,000 people with free HIV/AIDS education, outreach and testing services; a variety of peer to peer support groups; transgender programming and support; community events, including NWA Pride.


A group of concerned citizens founded the Northwest Arkansas Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center in 2006 as a grassroots community and advocacy organization. This courageous group saw a need for an organized body to advocate, organize and serve as the voice of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community, and their allies (LGBTQA) in the region. In 2009, the NWAGLBTCC began operating as the Northwest Arkansas Center for Equality, Inc. and we moved into our current offices in downtown Fayetteville.

In 2015 NWA Pride merged with the NWA Center for Equality to share resources and better serve the growing local LGBTQA community. NWA Pride was founded in 2007 by Ken Boyle, who enlisted help from Joney Harper and Norman Hadley to promote GLBTI events in the Northwest Arkansas and plan the annual Pride Parade and Rally in Fayetteville.  In its first year, the group had about a month and half to secure a permit and plan the parade and rally. Northwest Arkansas saw its first Pride parade roll down Dickson Street in Fayetteville in 2007 with about 157 participants and 200 spectators. The first parade for NWA Pride had about 157 participants, with only about 200 spectators. That vision grew to what is now a multi-day festival of events and the largest Pride celebrations in Arkansas.

Today, the Center serves as a grassroots advocacy, education, and service organization for Benton and Washington counties.



Blake Pennington

Alex Kanya

Daniel Salmeron

Dale Manning


Patricia Johnson
Education Coordinator, NWA Hope

Garin Chad Wiggins
Program Facilitator, Transgender & Gender Queer Support Group               

Dale Manning
Program Facilitator, Masculine Trans Support Group  

Noah Meeks
Program Facilitator, Masculine Trans Support Group  

Justine Turnage
Program Facilitator, Feminine Trans Support Group

Lisa Stuart
Program Facilitator, Feminine Trans Support Group

Adam Harbin


  1. Privacy Policy
    All personal information, i.e., name, address, phone numbers, and such other information as may be requested by the Center, shall be kept confidential to both the minimum and maximum extents allowed by law. At the discretion of the Center’s board of directors, and with notification, the Center may lease the contents of list serves or contact lists to organizations or campaigns with similar values and goals as the NWA Center for Equality, provided the lease agreement is of fair market value and equal value contacts are traded at the end of the agreement.
  2. Anonymous Gifts
    The Center will, from time to time, acknowledge Members & Donors in its publications as determined by its recognition policies as dictated in the levels of membership. You may Contact Us if you prefer to remain anonymous.

501(c) (3) STATUS

The Northwest Arkansas Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, Inc. is a registered public charity holding 501(c)(3) status since 2007. The nonprofit organization operates under the name “NWA Center for Equality, Inc.”, “Northwest Arkansas Center for Equality, Inc.”, and own the trademark to and operate the events of Northwest Arkansas Pride. Tax deductions are currently filed under the name “Northwest Arkansas Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center.”

All donations to the NWA Center for Equality are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the IRS. A copy of the Center’s Tax Exempt Status letter is on file. The Tax ID number is also available upon request. For a copy of the Tax Exempt Status letter or a W-9 form contact us.


2016   Walmart Foundation, NWA Giving Grant, HIV/AIDS Prevention & Education Among Homeless
2015   Walmart Foundation, Giving Grant, HIV/AIDS Prevention & Education
2014   Arkansas National Bank, General Programming
2014   Walmart Foundation, General Programming
2013   Walmart Foundation, General Programming
2012   Walmart Foundation, General Programming
2012   Fayetteville Advertising & Promotions Grant, Pride Events
2011   Walmart Foundation, General Programming
2011   Cox Communications, Inc., GLSEN Safe Space Kits for 40 NWA School Districts
2011   Fayetteville Advertising & Promotions Grant, Pride Events
2010   Walmart Foundation, General Programming
2010   Fayetteville Advertising & Promotions Grant, Pride Events
2010   Arkansas Coalition for Excellence, Capacity Training
2007   Walmart Foundation, Capacity Grant

2016   Fayetteville Advertising & Promotion Grant, Northwest Arkansas Pride