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We hope the spirit of the NWA Pride’s Virtual Parade is like any of the previous 15 NWA Pride Parades, with a vibrant mix of supportive community organizations, speeches, and calls to action to support LGBTQ equality and human rights. Submit your content by clicking the button below. You will complete an information and agreement form before you can upload content. The submissions deadline is Friday, June 19th, at 11:00 p.m.

We are looking for two types of video content, supportive messages/calls to action, and performances.

Please understand submitting content provides no guarantee we will use it. Editorial decisions are the sole responsibility of Northwest Arkansas Equality, Inc. Content filmed incorrectly may not be broadcast. If you are shooting on a mobile device, check out our tips below. If you are using professional camera equipment, please film in high definition.

All groups, businesses, and political candidate entries are free of charge, but please consider making a donation.