Trans & Queer Peer Support Group

NWA Equality, Inc., Arthur Beeghly LGBTQ Resource Center 179 N. Church Ave., Suite 101, Fayetteville

The Center is closed 30 minutes before and after the meeting.

February Happy Hour

TheatreSquared 477 West Spring Street, FAYETTEVILLE

Your voice and vote matters! Join us at our monthly happy hour! Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes will feature progressive candidates, and NWA Equality will continue our efforts to register folks to vote!

Canceled: March Happy Hour

Mickey Finn's Irish Pub 644 W Dickson St, Fayetteville

We'll be two days late, but it's still St. Patrick's week! Join us and your friends at Mickey Finn's Irish Pub for the monthly LGBTQ happy hour!

Canceled: April Happy Hour

Maxine's Tap Room 107 N. Block Avenue, Fayetteville

Maxine's Tap Room is consistently ranked as one of the best bars in the country, and they're one of our largest supporters! Join us for our monthly happy hour and learn about the upcoming 2020 NWA Pride Weekend events in June.

Equality Street Youth Variety Hour

Online Event

Join Ella DeMarco, Taylor Madison Monroe, Maddy Morphosis, the Lady Kakes, and their special friends on Equality Street for a puppet show, performances, and drag storytime. This show repeats at 3:00 p.m.


Glitterville Virtual Party

Online Event

We can’t imagine NWA Pride without the Glitterville party, and we’ve figured out how to bring it right into your home! Get those sequins on and join us LIVE on Zoom with circuit DJs Jessie Jaxx of Dallas and Joe Pacheco of New York as they headline this party with your favorite Fayetteville host, The… Read more about Glitterville Virtual Party


Global Pride Broadcast

Online Event

Global Pride provides an opportunity for the LGBTQ community around the world to come together and celebrate diversity and equality during these challenging times. Global Pride is a partnership between InterPride, the European Pride Organisers Association, and national Pride networks in several countries. It’s being led by a team of volunteers from every region of… Read more about Global Pride Broadcast


Rainbow Thanksgiving

Fayetteville Town Center 15 W. Mountain Street, Fayetteville

Since 2012, NWA Equality has partnered with various groups to feed those in the LGBTQ community that can’t get home to see family, maybe their chosen family is already here, or maybe they're just looking for an excuse to eat and socialize! Whatever the reason, Rainbow Thanksgiving is an annual event where we want to… Read more about Rainbow Thanksgiving

Trans-Feminine Peer Support Group

NWA Equality, Inc., Arthur Beeghly LGBTQ Resource Center 179 N. Church Ave., Suite 101, Fayetteville

Our Support Services program is designed to provide LGBTQ adult and youth individuals, families, and friends with education, resources, and a safe and structured space to support and encourage one another in healing, wellness, and growth. The trans feminine support group is open to individuals who identify on the feminine side of the gender spectrum,… Read more about Trans-Feminine Peer Support Group