Get Checked | HIV Support


About the Program

Established in 2010 as NWA Hope, the Get Checked Campaign’s goal is to reduce the transmission of HIV in Northwest Arkansas through outreach and prevention education.

Our program provides free HIV testing and resources to more than one hundred clients. We strive to collaborate with regional HIV/AIDS organizations and local businesses to better provide education and testing services to individuals in need of counseling, education, and outreach.

Our services are open to everyone, and appointments can be made online or by phone.

Program Contact:
Steve Harrelson, Operations Coordinator
479-966-9014, Ext. 2

Getting Tested

As the HIV prevention landscape changes and methods expand beyond condoms – specifically PrEP and undetectable viral loads – it is important we continue to test for HIV and other STIs to ensure we are detecting and treating early.

You shouldn’t need to test any more than four times a year unless you’re showing symptoms or if a partner has notified you of an STI diagnosis.

Below are some frequently asked questions about getting tested.

How The Test Works

Starting an effective testing routine is as simple as booking your first test! NWA Equality's facilitators are available and trained to perform and counsel clients to provide risk reduction and education. Below are some of our most common questions about the testing process.