About the Program

Our Support Services program is designed to provide LGBTQ adult and youth individuals, families, and friends with education, resources, and a safe and structured space to support and encourage one another in healing, wellness, and growth.

Program Contact:
Dale Manning, Program Coordinator
479.966.9014, Ext. 1

LGBTQ Peer Support Groups

Peer support is founded on the principle that people who share an experience have something to offer which may not be provided by mental health professionals. Through such groups, individuals gain a sense of community and affiliation, receive resources and tools for wellness, healing, self-exploration, and have the empowering opportunity to share their own experiences and provide support to others.

All peer support group facilitators are trained by a licensed mental health professional and strive for the utmost in the safety and confidentiality of all members. Our current support groups are listed below. New support groups in various areas of need are added as new facilitators are trained. Feel free to let us know if there is a group you would like to see offered.

Transgender Services

Northwest Arkansas Equality partners with the Transgender Equality Network to help provide additional services and community events for our transgender and gender non-conforming community.